Defying laws of nature even after death

We had recently written about our dear evolved seeker Mrs. Nirmala Honap (Honap Kaku) and her selfless service to others even while being bedridden. Honap Kaku left her body (passed away) on the morning of 12 Aug 2010 and was cremated the following morning approximately 26 hours later.


Whenever we have attended the funeral of an average person, our experience has been that the surrounding environment is charged with tāmasic spiritual vibrations. You may have read our article on Burial versus Cremation which explains the reason why death is tama predominant. For those of you who have not, here is a snippet:

“At the time of death, excretory gases are expelled from the dead body. These excretory gases are regular physical gases expelled by the body such as putrefying gases, etc. Since they are gases exiting a decaying body, their frequencies and vibrations are negative in nature and as a result the tama component increases in the immediate surrounding environment. Ghosts (demons, devils, negative energies, etc.) get attracted to these negative frequencies and enter the environment around the dead body.” article Burial Versus Cremation

Honap Kaku’s passing on the other hand emanated spiritual positivity. Just as she was an example to all of us while being bedridden, even in death she continued to show us the benefits of spiritual practice and spiritual evolvement. I would like to take this opportunity to share with you some observations that helped to instill a deeper faith in the seekers (who witnessed her passing) about the benefits of spiritual practice.

Seekers at the research centre have an above average ability to perceive the difference between positive and negative spiritual vibrations. Without exception all the seekers who had come to pay their respects perceived that her lifeless body was emanating Chaitanya (Divine Consciousness). They also felt spiritual healing taking place on them which is an extremely uncommon outcome given that death brings with it spiritually distressing vibrations.

Later that afternoon we noticed that a number of seekers who are possessed by negative energies, when exposed to the positive healing effect of her body, scrambled to defend themselves from the Chaitanya (Divine Consciousness) emanating from her body.

Along with this, we were witness to another unique phenomenon. Due to the Chaitanya emanating from her there was an absence of decay, foul odour or rigor mortis in her body right until the time of the funeral some 26 hours later. This was so, despite the weather being hot and humid and Honap Kaku’s body being exposed to hot lights in the studio for over three hours after her passing to shoot the above mentioned experiment. Rigor mortis (body stiffness after death) is a condition which typically sets in after 3-12 hours of the death. Yet in Honap Kaku’s case her joints and limbs remained flexible until her cremation the following day. Her skin and muscle tone was supple and as we looked at her face, it seemed very fresh as if she had just passed away. Looking at her I had the feeling that she seemed so life like.

Funerals are generally morose occasions where there are many tears shed, depressive thoughts and grieving is the order of the day. However on this occasion as we prepared the final funeral rites for Honap Kaku, a spiritually advanced seeker, we felt sereneness in her presence due to the Chaitanya and the knowledge that she would be going to a higher realm in the subtle regions of the Universe where she would continue her spiritual journey to be liberated from the cycle of births and deaths.

I reflected on what I had gained from witnessing this whole event and seeing its effect on other seekers. As I gathered my thoughts, I bowed my head in prayer, that I be used as an instrument to help others live a spiritually fulfilling life like Honap Kaku. Where everyday should count towards achieving the true purpose of life and where physical death is not steeped in grief and negativity but just a waypoint in our journey to merge back with our Creator.


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  • I cannot controll my anger. I tried but failed.I get lots of sufferings,My father died while I was only 13,my sister commited suicide for my anger,other sister murdered mysteriously, police and nobody help us,they hurt us repeatedly.Only my lord Krishna save me I think.How can I controll my excessive temper.I am not bad in heart.

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