What is the Real Battle Between Light Side and Dark Side of the Force?

Battle of Light side and Dark side of the Force

Note: for those who are not Star Wars fans, while we do make parallels to Star Wars, this blog is about the fight between positive and negative forces in general and can be understood by anyone even if they didn’t watch the Star Wars movies.

1. Introduction – the mesmerising battle of Light and Darkness

Good versus evil, good guys vs the bad guys. In almost every one of the highest grossing and highly popular movies, if we study the synopsis, we will notice the underlying tone of the battle between good vs. evil. From Lord of the Rings to the Avengers, from Harry Potter to Avatar, in Fast and the Furious, Star Trek and the Matrix, we see the same battle playing out. These movies generate intense emotions in the viewers, make them identify personally with the characters and root for them.

Star wars light side dark side lightsabersOut of all the movies, the Star Wars franchise may be the best and most obvious representative of this, with its main synopsis of the battle between the Light side and Dark side of the ‘Force’. With its various characters representing each side, some of which have supernatural abilities like control of the Force (which refers to some universal energy), Star Wars has developed almost a cult following of people from young to the old. The newest Star Wars movie which opens on December 18th, 2015 is expected to break all records and be the highest grossing movie of all time.

This can make one wonder how such movies can create such a strong attraction in society. Do people intrinsically feel that there is some truth in it? Is there actually a ‘Light Side’ and a ‘Dark Side’, with people or entities from these two sides waging a war against each other? Are there levels and masters on each side and do they have special abilities similar to controlling the Force?

Read below, and the answer may just surprise you.

2. Do the Light side and Dark side actually exist?

In theoretical terms, throughout history there were numerous stories, books and beliefs revolving around the concept of ‘good and evil’. In religion, philosophy and ethics the concept is very prevalent. In fact there is no major religion where the battle of good and evil is not mentioned.

But beyond the theory, in actual reality both the Light side as well as the Dark side do exist. Of course, not in the same way as depicted in the Star Wars movies, as the movies are dramatized and there is a lot of imagination involved. But both sides, which can be called positive forces and negative forces, are very real and they exist in the following way:

  1. There are people who belong to the positive forces (Light side) and those who belong to the negative forces (Dark side)
  2. There are entities in the subtle dimension who belong to the positive or negative forces
  3. There are levels and hierarchy with advanced masters on each side.
  4. The masters on each side, both on Earth and in the subtle world, have various supernatural abilities (such as collecting and sending various types of positive or negative energy, as well as various other abilities explained further below)

This can sound a bit far-fetched to some, but there is a logical explanation and their existence as well as the battle waged the two sides is visible in society as well. So to understand who these positive and negative forces are, how they function, how they battle each other and how our society is impacted, please read the explanations below.

3. Who are the positive forces (light side) and negative forces (dark side)?

The positive and negative forces exist on earth, as well as in the subtle planes.

Positive forces Negative forces
On earth Saints and Gurus (spiritually evolved persons and self-realised masters)

Seekers (people practicing Spirituality intensely and sincerely with a desire for self-realisation)

• Black magic practitioners (people practicing negative spirituality like voodoo, etc.)

• Leaders of evildoers (Crime lords, Terrorist group leaders, Corrupt politicians, etc.)

• Evildoers (criminals, terrorists, corrupt people, etc.)

In subtle


• Spiritually evolved beings

• Higher level Subtle sorcerers

• Lower level Subtle sorcerers

Demons, Ghosts, Witches, Kala-nags

4. How do the positive forces (Light side) and negative forces (Dark side) wage their battle?

The battle happens both at a subtle level and at the gross level.

4.1 Gross level battle

At the gross, physical level, each side tries to influence the world to become either positive or negative.

Positive forces do it by spreading Spirituality, teaching people about spiritual practice, spiritual development and spiritual healing. They also try to help people in society inculcate qualities and behaviour which would increase positive energy. When people follow such lifestyles, it leads to physical, psychological and spiritual health and happiness. It also keeps a sense of unity in society and an openness and acceptance of others regardless of their individual spiritual path.

Negative forces try to turn society into their playground so that they can fulfil their base desires. They commit crimes, they influence trends and behaviour in all parts of society (music, art, fashion, laws, regulations, etc.) to generate an increasingly negative environment. It leads people towards selfish, materialistic, immoral or aggressive behaviour and causes worldwide suffering at a physical, psychological and spiritual level.

4.2 Subtle level battle

The main battle between positive (Light side) and negative (Dark side) forces happens at a subtle level. Through the strength of their own individual spiritual practice, as well as collective spiritual practice (for the benefit of or to the detriment of society) each side collects either positive or negative energy. They then naturally emit it into the environment, turning the environment positive or negative. This in turn influences the people around them and society as a whole.

Battle of positive and negative forces (light side and dark side)

4.3 Special abilities and supernatural powers

After reaching a certain higher spiritual level, both positive and negative forces also acquire special abilities. Positive forces are able to emit large amounts of positive energy over vast distances, emitting frequencies of energy, Divine consciousness, Bliss and peace. Negative forces are able also to emit large amounts of negative energy over vast distances, emitting gross or subtle negative energy at a manifest or unmanifest level. Each side uses the energy to fight with the other side, or to either help or hurt society. This causes either benefit (in case of positive energy) or detriment (in case of negative energy) to the people who receive these energies.

The positive and negative forces in people also may acquire or have access to supernatural powers, such as being in fire and not being burnt, breathing under water, protection from accidents and elements, etc. (this happens at higher spiritual levels and as there are only very few people with these abilities in the whole world, we don’t see such phenomena in our immediate surroundings)

5. How does the battle between the positive (light) and negative (dark) forces influence people, world leaders, society and the planet?

5.1 Impact on individual people

People think that their state of mind is only their own, but in reality it is greatly influenced by the positive or negative energy in the environment and the people around them. Positive energy makes people happy, elated, peaceful and content. Negative energy makes people restless, stressed out, aggressive and depressed. That is why sometimes people undergo unpredictable mood swings just by being in some location or by being around some person. Also sometimes even without changing their location people can all of a sudden feel positive or negative, which is a sign of either help from positive forces or an attack by negative forces.

5.2 Impact on world leaders and society

This effect happens also at the level of leaders or people who influence society, such as world leaders and local government leaders, company owners, CEO’s, leaders of various organisations, news media, educational institutions, writers, artists, scientists, philosophers, public personas, etc. In their case their decisions are even to a greater extent based on the influence of positive or negative energy. This is because positive and negative forces both try to influence leaders as they have the potential to have a massive impact on the whole of society.

That is why sometimes leaders make impulsive decisions out of nowhere that we are either in awe of thinking ‘Wow, how did he/she come up with that?’ (positive decisions) or that we are fully in shock thinking ‘How could he/she possibly do something so crazy??’ (negative decisions).

Influenced by positive energy, leaders make decisions which bring peace to the world, a positive environment in a city, community, organization or company. It brings unity among people, strengthens unselfishness, humane behaviour and good family values, increases care for natural resources and benefits society at a physical, psychological and spiritual level.

Influenced by negative energy, leaders’ decisions bring about wars, disorder in cities, communities, organizations or companies. It creates separation and selfishness among people, destruction of humane behaviour and family values, overuse of natural resources and brings suffering to people at a physical, psychological and spiritual level.

5.3 Impact on the planet

Increase in positive energy brings peace and steadiness in the environment, reduction of natural disasters, and a sense of general well-being and harmony in nature.

Increase in negative energy brings unsteadiness and erratic movement in the environment, increase in natural disasters, and a sense of imbalance and discord in nature.

6. Conclusion and what can we do?

We can introspect about the points mentioned above and study where our world is now:

  • We can think of all the situations when our mood changed out of the blue or we felt very good or not good at all if we went to some location or after meeting some person
  • In our own places of work, our own schools, cities or countries, in which direction is it moving and which force are the leaders following?
  • At the planetary level, is nature healthy or is it ill, is it stable or are natural disasters increasing?

The more we study the state of the world, the more we are able to understand the Light side and the Dark side, and the more we see how widespread the battle and its influence on everyone is.

More importantly, the more we grow spiritually, the more we are able to actually sense and see the subtle battle, to feel the energy emitted by positive forces, negative forces and anything else around us. We also develop the ability to resist the impact of negative forces.

Currently we are at the midst of a great battle between these two forces, which will culminate in 2018 with World War 3 involving weapons of mass destruction, including nuclear weapons.

To be fully protected and to imbibe positive energy in us, we can either start spiritual practice (if we are not doing it currently), or if we are already doing it, we can continue making efforts to bring it to the next level.


The world has been experiencing an unprecedented increase in the severity of global issues.

A global issue of utmost importance for all humanity, World war 3 is approaching at a fast pace.

Here is some practical information on what each of us can do to help the situation.



  • Very good article, may seekers be protected under such tumultuous times in the near future…

  • Ginika Luke Iloduba

    The battle of course is every where -in every nook and cranny of the society,even in our homes too.No one is exempted,rather,it makes us wiser and more compassionate

    • Dear Ginika,

      Yes, it is like you shared 🙂

      Beside qualities you have shared, it is also important to be alert and have fighting spiritual in regards to negative energies. They are much stronger then us, so only God can help through spiritual practice and spiritual healing remedies.

      SSRF team

  • Habari love the the essence of truth on negative and positive energy. I will impliment these principles. Into my daily living
    Thamk you. Tiye’

    • DearYiye,

      It i very nice that you will implement what i mentioned in the blog 🙂

      If we can assist you at any of in your spiritual journey, please write to us through login facility and we will gladly do it.

      SSRF team

  • the struggle between good and evil in the form of
    World War III will be at the end of 2018 with the use of destructive weapons

  • Very well exposed the eternal war between Good and evil. At times Good wins the battle, at another time the other. The positive energy and the negative energy emitted are received by the people at the earth level depending on their disposition. Man, because of his past Karma, is more prone to attract the positive or the negative energy, at the same time repulsing the other. This explains the mindset and behavior of the people around us.

    At present, everything around us- the behavior, the selfishness, the materialism, the feeling of dissatisfaction with the self and jealousy of the other, the way one dresses, the focus on physical satisfaction, the desire to hurt the other to ones satisfaction- all these gives to understand that at present the evil is stronger. But we all know that in the end it is always the victory of the Good over the evil. Until then, let us continue strengthening ourselves spiritually and helping those more prone to negative energy.

    • Dear Teckmun,

      You have explained very nicely 🙂 The best help for us and others is starting/doing spiritual practice, because then we will definitely be more on God’s side, more protected and will spread positive energy around us.

      We are here to assist you at any time on your spiritual journey if you wish.

      SSRF team

  • I have always been encouraged each time I visit this site. Though I do experience weakness in carrying out my spiritual practices but I pray to triumph by the help of God and become more spiritually awake. Thanks for the explanation.

    • Dear Patcollins,

      It is very nice to see that you are trying to persevere in your spiritual practice 🙂

      If you need help in order how to persevere in spiritual practice, how to go to next steps or you have any questions, please write to us over login facility and seekers will answer within 48 hours.

      SSRF team

  • How you are so sure that WWIII will occure on 2018, please explain.

    • Dear Harish,

      What is not so visible is that WWIII already started, but still it is ‘behind curtains’. We can witness how it will go visibly in time to come.
      More important is that we all do spiritual practice since we will experience numerous benefit and changes in our life and this will also contribute to overall increase in Sattvikta (positive energy) in the world.

      SSRF team

      • Dear SSRF Team, First of all, it is very good now a days through you the people with spiritual bend of mind can some way interact with each other. Thanx. I am also fully convinced because of the sublimity of our knowledge & wisdom, a World War 3 is somewhat near- it’s dates you know better…!! And, I also quite find that this war has to be a Good vs. Evil war positively & nothing else contrary to maximum people fear, coz. of the following:
        1) Most powerful countries are all nuclear-powered – with nuclear arsenal on land, submarines in water & air. Any nuclear advancement by any country can devastate that country in counter-attack, & no radicals are in power nowadays…
        2) Some freaks going to outer universe with rations (as some are trying nowadays) have to eventually drop on earth for food etc. – only there will be no food but nuclear radiations their share balance waiting for them…
        3) So most scriptures say Good vs. Evil is the last battle which will be fought!? like, Bible says of Huge earthquakes. If one of the earthquakes breaks our electrical towers for one , then people can only be confused & hobbyless… coz. our false bright world is fully electricity dependent… tv, mobile apps, computers, etc. Robbery, gangsters,fights etc will start coz. no law can control such mob madness… So, if God fights as earthquakes & tsunamies & avalanches & muddy rivers etc. on one side then the self-sure armies of the Evil could help only to die… those extra baggage to the Earth!! – And, if your dates are correct we may only prepare….!!

  • Hello. My name is anthony. I am about to rant i hope you read this with an open mind. So. I am a positive person. I have dreams i am an arch angel called justice good and i see heaven and god in my dreams. God looks like an energy ball or energy orb and has a staff floating next to it. That is my dreams when i sleep. In physical world. Well. My friends and family HATE me. They think i am a shcizohrenic freak. I am schizophrenic because i am self aware of my thinking as a voice separate from pure aware perception. I also see intelligeny energy in the fabrics of matter. I see solids liquids gases move with energy and intelligent. The whole universe is a live and every part can speak to me. That is my schizophrenia. Now i use perfumes from botanical shops that are saint micheal. I love to be righteousness and good. But i get a lot of negative energy jealousy gossip in my home and family. I am financially poor and have no interest in college. I wish to further my spiritual training and fight negativity. I love cute kittens children plants nature orchestra music that makea me feel good. I seen satan and evil shadows black shadows in my dream. The light burns them. I am kind loving patient honorable fair and i am kind of an asshole because i judge everybody. I guess my values make me treat strangers with love but once i know how strangers really are i do not want to be around them. I light candles use saint.micheal perfume wear medallions and use holy prayer cards. I also KNOW much about evil. Hate anger fear pain and pleasure. These tools are always trying to seduce me but i stay righteous. Sorry for the rant. Your website makes me feel like i am not crazy. There IS truth to your web site and what it says. Thanks.

    • Dear Anthony,

      It is nice that you wish to progress spiritually and be righteous. Since what you wrote maybe needs more detailed answer, we would suggest you to write though our login facility.

      SSRF team

  • I wish it was as easy as a dark/ negative or a light/ positive side. Over the last10 years I have worked in over 100 countries, connecting to many religious and spiritual people, the deeper and higher I become involved the brighter their light was, only to discover the vast majority was working with a dark and evil force, which was hell bent on trying to make me go off my true path.

    • Dear Malcom,

      Your experiences are very interesting. It is true that powerful negative energies can hide behind something ‘positive or religious’ and actually deceive people by actually diverting them from God. Due to higher power of negative energies today, this is frequent today.

      We have 5 days spiritual workshops in our spiritual research center and Ashram in India. It is a part of Spiritual Univeristy which is in early stage. If you wish, you can see more about it by clicking here.

      SSRF team

  • “” The eternal war war between positive energy and negetibity .”””

  • Very helpful article for the spiritual practitioner like me…. This article gave me a self-confidence that what healings and meditations, I m practising will take me to the Divine Plan ….one day

  • Good Morning.
    will not be wars or evil after world war 3 ?

  • Stuart Mark Sweeney

    Hi I have been having problems with sleep walking. I get up in the night walk around and then it seems like something is pushing me into things. I have orbs in the room and I dont know how to stop it. I have video footage too

  • I can tell you some thing that a normal does not know like light and dark know.

  • world war 3 has already begun ?

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