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Insights we gained from comments to a Youtube video of SSRF

From the year 2007, SSRF has uploaded videos to Youtube on different subjects related to Spirituality with the aim of educating society about the spiritual dimension. Currently there are more than 60 videos uploaded to the SSRF Youtube channel (, in various languages.

The most visited video by far is ‘Violent Demonic Possession’, consisting of 2 violent manifestations of negative entities:

1) A lady seeker possessed by a demonic entity rolling on the floor while being choked by the possessing entity
2) A higher level negative energy possessing a lady seeker that is fighting with His Holiness Dr. Jayant Athavale while He meditates.

The video received an astonishing 4.3 million visitors between October 2010 and October 2011.


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Currently there are almost 6 million views of this video. Visitors are leaving approximately 10 comments daily. There are thousands of comments.

In this article we give an overview of the type of comments we receive for this video.

Most of the comments can be grouped in several categories, as follows.

  1. Vulgar or disrespectful and ridiculing (over 60% of all comments) :
    Most comments contain some vulgar word or curse that is very disrespectful, stating that the video is ‘fake’,  ‘acting’, ‘a lie’, or ‘ROFL (Rolling On the Floor Laughing)’ etc… Needless to say, most of these comments are moderated by us before they see the light of day.
  2. Intellectual or rational : Most of the intellectual comments are grouped around the claim that this is some sort of mental disorder (e.g. spontaneous hallucination, multiple personalities, obsession, schizophrenia, etc.) or a physical one (e.g. epileptic seizure). Other rational comments hover around statement that the spiritual world (including God, demons, ghosts, angels, etc.) does not exist, and that it is strange that in 21st century during the age of science and technology, people still believe in such things.
  3. Emotional : Some of the comments are emotional in nature: ‘why didn’t anyone help the poor girl’,’ ‘if I were there, I would help her’, ‘why did the cameraman move the chair but did not help her’, ‘the poor girl got hurt’ etc… Repeated explanations are given in order to clarify why we publish such videos and why manifestations are not stopped. Other comments just show some strong emotion of fear or disbelief; ‘this is really scary’, ‘HOLY MARY!!!’, ‘shocking’ ‘that’s just sad’, ‘what on earth is this?????’, etc.
  4. Religious : All comments in this group approve and support the fact that demonic possession, ghosts and the spiritual world do exist. However, their suggestions on how to address this issue are different:
    – Christian: the way to save ourselves from ghosts is to accept Lord Jesus Christ and to repent for our sins. Some suggest that Vatican should be consulted as they are experts.
    – Muslim: they call ghosts jinn and say that the Name of Allah and the Holy Kuran, as well as reciting the Al-Ikhlas, An Nas, Al-Falaq and Ayatul Qursi can be used for spiritual healing.
    – New-Age related: we should have love, patience and desire to help ghosts and demons, because they need our help to be free them. Such comments are usually mocked by others.
  5. People who have had such experiences : There is a group of comments from people who have had some experience with possession. They usually state that they started believing in possession when they had witnessed some possession or exorcism, and they sometimes briefly share their experience. Their comments also support our Knowledge. For example: ‘Mental Disorder IS possession, my wife, was manic depressant, suicidal, schizophrenic, and would often lose herself to another physical voice that would come out of her mouth (a male’s voice). All classified as “mental illnesses” diagnosed again and again ever since she was 15. Then she went under in the spirit of Jesus’ grace when she was 20 years old, collapsing and writhing on the floor screaming, crying, all that good stuff. The doctors can’t explain it. She’s is healed now.’
  6. Disappointed as they expected something supernatural : A certain group would like to believe in the video but they do not, as they expected something supernatural to happen. For example, to see the person flying, going through or climbing the walls, being dragged on the floor without visible force, etc. Others say ‘I can easily do the same’ ‘it is nothing special’, ‘I lost my time’ etc. Through such comments we can observe that current knowledge about demonic possession is very poor and that public opinion is shaped by Hollywood movies. One example of this type of comment: ‘I would believe it if she started to crawl up the wall and twisting her neck and stuff’
  7. Gender/religion/nationality biased : Gender: comments pointing out that possession happens only to women
    – Religion: this happens only to Hindus or religious people. There are questions such as ‘why atheists do not get possessed?’, etc.
    – Nationality: this can happen only to Indians who come from a poor background, and by acting they seek attention. One comment was: ‘In India it is so normal that girls love demons’.
  8. Related to drugs : Many viewers jokingly shared that the reason for such behavior is: ’they are on acid (type of drug)’,’ ’they are on crack (type of drug)’, ‘I behave like this when I get high’, etc… This shows how taking drugs is highly tamasik behavior that enhances demonic possession and how much humanity at large is unaware of it. Through these comments we can also see how drug use has become more socially accepted among the younger generation.
  9. Related to personality defects : Some viewers jokingly shared that the reason for such behavior is: ’the girl did not get her favorite food’,’ ’this is the way kids behave when they get angry’, etc… This proves what is mentioned on our website, about how certain types of personality defects leave people more vulnerable for possession by ghosts.
  10. Those who have knowledge about the subtle dimension : Some readers write comments that show a certain level of knowledge regarding the subtle dimension. For example, the question: ‘How would one distinguish between a demonic possession and someone who has a mental disorder?’ answered by another reader as follows: ‘EASY. Signs of demonic possession may include: * Speaking in languages the individual has never learned or even heard * Saying things that do not make sense * Physical strength above and beyond what the individual is capable of medically * Loathing the name of God, Jesus, Mary, or the names of any saints or other religious individuals * Pain or physical discomfort when Scripture or prayers are read or the sacraments performed.’
  11. Sexual pleasure gained : Such comments do not appear as often, but is interesting to mention that a certain percentage of male viewers experience strange sexual pleasure and stimulation by watching such videos.
  12. Questions and help needed (less than 1%) :

    Such comments are the rarest, and we answer them in a short period of time. Readers are directed to the log-in facility on the SSRF website for more personal guidance.
    Example: ‘Hi there. I think I might have a negative entity inside of me. It’s not in control all the time but it takes over more frequently these days. I talked to the local pastor but he says it’s not a demon and I should go to a shrink. I live in Greenland and no catholic church is anywhere close. How can I find help? When taken over my body started to indulge into raw meat lately. It is usually supposed to be our Sunday dinner.’


This set of comments are a valuable source of information through which we can assess the current state of society.

Unfortunately we can observe that the vast majority of the population (around 80%) is lacking basic knowledge about the spiritual dimension to such an extent that they are completely unaware of its existence. Also, we can see how much society is influenced by negative energies at large by the way tamasik conducts are spread as common and acceptable behaviour through the freedom of expression, choice and democracy (drugs, drinking, showing disrespect, swearing, sarcastic comments, being ungrateful, etc.)

The minority that has some knowledge and percentage of truth about the spiritual dimension are usually restricted to having knowledge as per the religion that they follow, or through their personal experience. They are usually unaware of the limitation of their knowledge, yet present themselves as ‘knowledgeable’.

However, even if only a few realize the importance of the knowledge presented in these videos and they are inspired to help themselves in their spiritual progress, then our aim is fulfilled and we will continue putting selfless efforts in educating humanity about spiritual dimension and its effects on us.

Comment of H. H. Dr. Athavale: 
Now 60% of the world population is laughing at demonic possession, in 10 years only 30% will be laughing, and in 100 years nobody will be laughing.

Reported by: Andrey Kislovski


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