Child-seekers at the SSRF retreat in North America – a testimony of the benefits of spiritual practice

na-retreatI recently attended a spiritual retreat organized by SSRF. Two seekers of SSRF from New Jersey had offered their home for hosting it. Seekers of SSRF including child-seekers from various parts of North America gathered for the 3-day event. The aim of the retreat was to guide seekers who had been practicing Spirituality for some years under the guidance of SSRF, to take their spiritual practice to the next level.

While all of us benefited immensely, the child-seekers were the stars of the retreat. Thirteen children between the ages of 8 and 13 years attended the retreat. They have all been doing spiritual practice under the guidance of SSRF for the past several years. They diligently followed the schedule which was chalked out for their age group. The sessions included spiritual healing sessions, study sessions and narrating experiences pertaining to the subtle dimension.

Following are some observations regarding the children:

  • All the children displayed remarkable qualities such as attentive listening, note-taking, sincere desire of putting what they learnt into practice, respect and obedience.
  • Many of them had spiritual experiences during the retreat. For example upon forgetting what he wanted to narrate to others, one child seeker prayed to His Holiness Dr. Athavale and immediately remembered what he wanted to narrate.
  • In the concluding session all the children readily summarized learnings and action points they would take back home and practice.

Their overall behaviour was a real testimony of how spiritual practice can shape children into wholesome human beings.

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