Can ghosts be captured in a bottle?

What does spiritual science tell us about the phenomenon of capturing ghosts in a bottle? Is it possible?

Recently the news of two ghosts captured in glass vials with stoppers and soaked in holy water captured the curiosity of world media. The ghosts were reported to have been not only captured, but also sold at an auction in New Zealand for almost $2000. There has been subsequent debate on whether the captured ghosts were for real.

This is not the first time that sale of ghosts in a bottle has caused a bit of a stir. A few years ago a mill-worker from North Ireland set up a similar sale on eBay, and one man in Florida has even set up a business of selling ghosts in bottles which are captured by professional ‘ghost catchers’ around the US.

What does spiritual science tell us about this phenomenon of capturing ghosts in a bottle? Is it possible to capture a ghost?

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Spiritual science tells us that the world we live in, our bodies, the things we use, including glass vials are all gross things. On the other hand, our thoughts, ego, etc. are all subtle things. We all have a subtle body comprising of the subconscious mind, intellect, ego and soul. When someone passes away the gross body is left behind but the subtle body moves on to the other regions of the universe. A subtle body becomes a ghost if they have many unfulfilled desires, personality defects, such as anger, fear, greed, negative impressions in the mind, etc. and haven’t done spiritual practice with the intention of God realisation.

So ghosts are subtle bodies, who are steeped in the basic subtle tama component. Being subtle, they cannot be ‘captured’ and ‘stored’ in things that are gross as the laws that apply to the gross world, do not apply to them.

We can take the example of air, which is also subtle. If there was air in a glass vial, it could also simultaneously exist outside the vial. A ghost, who is more subtle than air, can certainly be inside a vial but at the same time be outside and going through the vial and then be somewhere else. So while the ghosts could have been in the vials at some point, it is due to not understanding spiritual science that people both claim and believe that ghosts could be stored or captured in there.


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  • Srikanth Garlapati

    In my view the soul has a little mass (weight) that is responsible for creating a bond with the Earth. The soul which has personality defects, disease or attachment with the material objects becomes heavy (in terms of physics) and hence can not reach the Sun by flying towards him. Enlightened souls can be present every where. But Earth bound souls are gross. The spinning of Earth is responsible for the gravitation force that pulls back solid objects made of Earth itself.

    Human beings are made of truth and using their truth material (or the consciousness) are sometimes creating pseudo truth that sometimes is the cause of Karma. Once upon a time there was this illusion that Earth is stationary and Sun is moving. Out of illusion, man created a truth (which is in fact lies). Every time we come across conflicting situations where we can not understand who is telling the truth, we become weaker. Christianity uses the word Satan to explain the phenomenon which is creating an entity and further causing more damage by giving life to the illusion. Once the soul realizes the real truth he can become healthier, happier, lighter and enlightened. He would then burn his Karma account. The world is full of truth and oneness is the truth.

    In this site, there is too much emphasis on Ghosts and their activities which is not appealing to new spiritual seekers. This information is useful. But, a balanced approach in articles can bring spirituality closer to layman.

  • Dear Srikanth,

    Yes indeed our soul is Truth itself. Spiritual science makes a distinction between the soul which is the everlasting, never-changing and flawless part of us that is Truth, and the subtle body (including the mental, intellectual and vital sheaths of energy) which constitute untruth or ignorance. The subtle body carries all the impressions of past action, karma, personality defects and ego. More on this here.

    Regarding the volume of information on ghosts – for any seeker on any spiritual path in today’s times it is a necessity to be aware of the negative side of the spiritual realm so as to know how to protect oneself. Without protection walking the spiritual path (as per the six basic principles) on a daily basis becomes difficult. Hence we publish information on ghosts for everyone’s benefit. We encourage you to study and apply the principles of spiritual science that best suit your present needs. As your spiritual journey continues and deepens, the appreciation for the knowledge presented on ghosts, by God’s grace may also grow

    Kind regards

  • sanjay lodha jain

    We have done more than 2000 ghost cases in our 12 year career, but we are not interested in capturing ghosts in a bottle. Our main aim is to release the ghost. The second thing is that, yes it is possible to capture a ghost but it depends on the intensity or power of the ghost. Sometimes a ghost is in the form of water or white air or white crystals like limestone.

    – Sanjay Lodha Jain, mantra healer, dowsing astrologer, specialist in ghost workings from Barc, Bhopal – Madhya Pradesh, India.

  • Anant Vasudevan

    Why so much ado over ghosts ? Instead of capturing ghosts, it is better to try to capture Lord Ramachandra (God), because although ghosts cannot be captured, it is possible to “capture” God permanently by chanting His Name. And of course one cannot capture Rama (God) without getting captured by Rama (God) himself !

    || Jai Shri Raam ||

  • I happen to agree that ghosts cannot be captured…beacause of the fact that i can see them, hear them and interact with them and I have been able to since a very young age, I can with absolute certainty, say that this website tells as much of the truth as they can comprehend.
    With Best Regards,

  • Ghosts can be captured by hand and we can feel how it moves and try to free itself from the bondage. It can be tied up in a knot of a thread or bonded to an artifact.This is not recommended as this is an act of cruelty towards a being of a lower spiritual level and this causes severe karmic accounts for us due to the pain and sufferings we create to that being. This is what black magicians do. They make lower level ghosts as their slaves who are bound to obey their masters, else the masters can create etheric fire and cause extreme pain to the ghosts.

    This is true for ghosts and other astral beings living in different astral planes. However the spiritual power of the person who is capturing the ghost should be greater than that of the ghost. Also the strength of karmic bond between the possession and possessed is also a deciding factor of how easily we can remove the ghost.

    If a person is possessed by a ghost, imagine that your etheric hand using 2 fingers is capturing it and the ghost is unable to escape. Pull it out of the possessed body and hold it tight in your hand. Ask it not to possess the body again. You can talk to them, explain why not to possess that person, educate it to liberate itself from the bondage to physical realm and free itself from attachments to food, liquor, sex, revenge or for the matter for which it is possessing the body and tell how to progress further in life towards our spiritual purpose of life and liberate it. Bless it with love and release it gently. You make command it to go outside earth when releasing it.

    We are nobody to judge or impart punishment to these beings of lesser spiritual level. But we can take an action as part of our divine duty upon request to us from a possessed person to get him back his free will over his mind and body. As a spiritual healer it is our divine duty to execute our power to help the deserved and guide them.

    Some ghosts has revenge towards the possessed person due to karmic accounts in past lives and may not be convinced to leave. Remember that removing a ghost against its free will has to be done upon a genuine request and as part of your duty because it also causes karmic bonds for us in the process of helping. Remember that if we remove a ghost from a person it does not necessarily mean that he is freed from any of his karmic accounts. My Guru will not remove a ghost if he feels that the person possessed has severe karmic account with the ghost and instead ask the person or their family to do spiritual practice and perform spiritual acts to compensate for the wrong doings in past lives so that the ghost leaves by its own. So we have to be clear on our intention and always take action based out of divine love, compassion, blessings and duty towards the possessed and the possession. You should also be fearless. Misuse of your spiritual powers leads to degradation in spiritual level.

    Mantras can be chanted to prepare holy water which can be used to remove ghost from a possessed person.

    You can learn more about this in the advanced psychotherapy course of pranic healing. I’ve tried this successfully many times to remove ghosts/ etheric beings possessed as part of spiritual healing process. It’s all practical and noting unusual about it.


    • Dear Anup,
      I am suffering from blackmagik highly please help me if you know some method.
      My email I.d. Is [email protected]

    • What would the cost be for a guru to remove a ghost from the person it’s attached to?

      • Dear Dorothy,

        Welcome to SSRF.
        SSRF in a non-profit foundation and our suggestions are free of charge.
        We do not suggest spiritual healing done on us by others but we recommend regular spiritual practice and self-healing remedies as the only permanent solution on overcoming any negative energy problems.

        Please see some suggestions on how to start spiritual practice in this article.

        Feel free to write us via login facility for more details or if you need any help – our seekers will gladly respond.

        Warm regards,
        SSRF team

  • Dear Anoop,

    Thanks for sharing your advice about possession. SSRF does not recommend capturing ghosts nor attempting spiritual healing, unless it is done under the direct guidance of a Saint or Guru.

    Due to the fact that most of us do not have advanced sixth sense, we may not be able to discern whether the possessing entity is of a lower level, who is providing it with black energy (e.g. a higher level negative entity, etc.). Hence if we are not directly guided by a Guru, or unless we attain a higher spiritual level or Sainthood ourselves, in the current times it is best to avoid spiritual healing on others.

    Kind regards

  • Hi, does anybody know a good tantrik in Chennai ? My relative has been possessed by an evil entity for over 19 yrs and he needs immediate help. Please let me know if you know any good tantrik/spiritual healers in Chennai.

  • Dear Mohan, please see if your relative can take up any of the solutions suggested here.

  • I believe in the strongest Spirituality, but am puzzled at the lack of strong black or African spiritualists. I only know of a Musoga at the source of the Nile Budghagali. Please, using strong meditation can you come up with people of that sort? I am not racist, segregative or tribalistic, so help me Lord.

  • Spirituality is a vast subject; and to become a good achiever in Spirituality, it is very important to practice as per the basic principles. It is not restricted to any race; hence anyone can reach the highest spiritual level by following the basic principles.
    Probably, you can spread the knowledge about SSRF to people in Africa, so they can start spiritual practice.

  • Mohan,

    I am not a tantrik or spiritual healer, but I can clean your relative in 1-2 minute, they will be cleaned forever.
    Since, I am in US, I need to talk to your relative over the phone or yahoo chat or his/her blood relative. Let me know, how can I contact you, my email is execmanoj at yahoo dot com, which is also my yahoo id, also, its free, I charge nothing.



    • I’ve also been possesed,can you help me, And whats your requirements?

      • Dear Fredrick, You may have read SSRF website article on ‘How do Ghost possess a person?’ here is the link,…/difficulties/Ghosts_Demons/How_do_ghosts_possess_person.php
        The most effective and long-lasting solution will be to increase spiritual strength with regular spiritual practice and to develop protection around self with simple spiritual self-healing techniques.
        Here is the article that shares simple three steps to start spiritual practice,
        Also, please find all about spiritual healing remedies of salt water and box treatment here,
        With regular efforts of spiritual practice and spiritual healing over a few months, you will be able to see changes in self. If you wish to know more about research into negative energies you can read on SSRF website.
        Warm regards
        SSRF Team

  • Dear Manoj,

    We recommend undertaking spiritual healing only under the guidance of an evolved spiritual guide (Saint).

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