Why 70% of psychiatrists themselves suffer from mental illness

Have you ever wondered why psychiatrists themselves suffer from depression or some form of mental illness?

While seeking guidance from His Holiness Dr. Athavale on a spiritual research topic, He mentioned something which would be of value to psychiatrists. His Holiness Dr. Athavale was Himself practicing as a clinical hypnotherapist until He came fully into spiritual practice. He mentioned that as many as 70% of all psychiatrists suffer from some mental illness themselves especially after years of practice.


The main reason for this is that they deal with mentally ill patients who in turn most of the times (90% of the time) are affected / possessed by negative energies or departed ancestors. This means that in 9 out of 10 cases of mentally ill patients that a psychiatrist treats, the root cause of the patient’s illness is in the spiritual dimension.  The psychiatrists themselves having no subtle ability cannot perceive that many a time they are actually dealing with or talking to negative energies. When they try and help the mentally ill patient, they quite often enrage the possessing entity (negative energy) that ends up attacking the psychiatrist at a subtle level. This is the main cause of why psychiatrists become patients themselves and show signs of depression, suicidal thoughts and other behavioural changes which resemble a psychiatric patient. Understanding this aspect and the spiritual dimension and its impacts on mental health can help psychiatrists put spiritual measures in place to both protect themselves and also better help their patients.


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  • Very interesting indeed

  • Spiritual practice if done on routine daily basis, can help us avoid the possibility of getting attacked by negative energies.

  • Very interesting statistics. I talk to a lot of psychiatric professionals in my field and I never thought that percentage would be that high. Our profession could be very stressful because human mind is a huge mystery. A lot of times we experience unpredictable outcomes that we can’t control. That could be a contributing factor.

  • 70% of psychiatrists suffer from mental illness? I am amazed that nobody has asked for the source of these stats.

  • Or worse, the psychiatrist/psychologist is himself, possessed!

  • I think the statistic should be backed up by data. I don’t know if it is true statistically. Anecdotally, it would seem to have some validity. I think the reason may be not that psychiatrists have to deal with negative energy all the time, but that they ENTERED the profession because of an unconscious or semi-conscious sense of their own problems, and had a need to heal themselves. Some, with serious disorders, seek out the field to understand themselves better…and some in order to deflect from their own serious problems, and even to learn fake empathy, learn what “normal” is, because they have no baseline themselves.

    Psychiatrists with personality disorders are very dangerous – more to the people in their own lives, than the people they treat. They hold this badge of authority, and enough of the tems of art and skills to perform unconscionable manipulations of family and friends. I have seen this a few times, and it is very unfortunate.

  • Dear Dvw, yes it is true that some psychiatrists by virtue of their personality are depressed or have some mental disorder. When this is the case then handling patients who are possessed makes them more mentally vulnerable. However even psychiatrists who are mentally healthy can be attacked by negative energies when they are trying to help a patient who is possessed. These types of subtle attacks can lead the psychiatrist towards mental illness. Spiritual measures can be taken to protect oneself from such a situation.

  • I am aware of a practice used by nurses I know . When they come across very distressing situations they re-invent the story – repeating the revised version thirty times at a go – for as many times as is necessary – in order to instill the false and more palatable version – I have also come across a practice similar to this being recommended in a self-help book. I can’t imagine this being beneficial in the longterm

    • Dear Leona,

      Doing as the the self-help book can help to some extent on psychological level. Since we all are mainly spiritual beings, doing spiritual practice is the part that is missing in the life of most of the people. If we would do spiritual practice, then our life would be balanced and we will be able to progress spiritually.
      IF you wish to know more about spiritual practice, you can write to us over login facility at any time.

      SSRF team

  • My own doctor, a general practioner for over 40 years, told me that well over 50% of psychiatrists and psychologist have mental disorders, some very serious ones. I’ve dealt with psychiatrists and psychologist for many years and I can attest to the fact that some of them seemed rather batty to say the least. Now there are some psychiatrists and psychologist who are genuinely fascinated with understanding the human psyche that are well adjusted individuals. But seeking a good, well adjusted therapist may pose a problem for someone needing help. It’s a hit or miss proposition, but somewhere out there on this dusty sphere a good, well adjusted therapist dwells.

    • Dear Robert,

      Thank you for sharing this comment.

      Majority of mental illnesses are in fact caused by negative energies. Therefore, any therapist can be affected by the negative energies when they are trying to help a patient who is possessed. These types of subtle attacks can lead the psychiatrist towards mental illness. To be on the safe side, the therapists can do spiritual practice and apply spiritual healing measures.

      Warm regards,
      SSRF team

  • I have been possessed by 3,a old woman an old man, an a mean man. I went into Psychosis after going to Behavior unit, my teeth went crooked after this an my motherly side is gone. Its like I am someone else, took me 6-8 months to just snap out of it, but it felt I was strangled an not hungry for a month. But still cannot gain weight back. I saw blood run off walls, hallucinations, and couldn’t talk.Im still not right, I’ve been to Holistic Dr. ,took 2 entities from me, from a haunted house we lived in.That’s where I snapped on Christmas 2009.

    • Dear Renee,

      Welcome to SSRF.
      We understand how hard it must be to cope with this experience. To overcome possession, or any other problem caused by negative energies we recommend regular spiritual practice along with self healing remedies. Please write to us via login facility and seekers will gladly give you helpful suggestions on how to start your spiritual practice.

      SSRF team

  • Dear Alan, There is only one sure way to overcome all kinds of mental problems that are doing spiritual practice on the daily basis that helps increase the spiritual strength and removes negative and unnecessary impressions from the subconscious mind. Along with it, doing spiritual healing remedies like salt water help a lot in reducing the black energy covering which is a way of negative energies to create various mental problems, In case you wish to read more about this here are the links to articles,
    Warm Regards
    SSRF Team

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