300 Articles and we haven’t even begun!


SSRF’s website crossed another milestone in its history, when it reached the 300 mark in articles published. While this is great because the depth of knowledge is inarguably one of its kind on the Internet, the editorial team does have a problem. It’s a good problem to have because with over 40,000 A4 size pages of divine knowledge received, one could well say we haven’t even begun. Over and above this, divine knowledge continues to be received on a daily basis which goes into a queue to be published. All this knowledge received from the Universal Mind and Intellect will eventually find its way to the world over the course of the next few generations as it is presented in a manner that everyone can understand. Until then we are working as fast as we can to give our readers a taste of the diversity and depth of knowledge through various articles on how the spiritual dimension impacts every facet of our lives.

Many of the articles have stemmed from divine knowledge received by Anjali Gadgil. Anjali is one of our leading seekers with advanced sixth sense, who acquires divine knowledge from the Universal Mind and Intellect. The other day we went to clarify a point pertaining to some of the knowledge received by her. She looked up casually from a very intricate drawing that she was receiving on the complete hierarchy of the Supreme God principle to the various deities. She promptly answered my question and after that she went right back to completing the drawing. A unique characteristic about the way Anjali receives divine knowledge is that even if she is interrupted midway between receiving knowledge, when she resumes she does not have to check back to see where she had stopped. The knowledge flow begins from the exact point that she was interrupted at.

Living at SSRF’s spiritual research centre at Ramnathi, Goa in India is a spiritual smorgasbord of spiritual knowledge and phenomena. Every day we are witness to various unique spiritual phenomena because of the grace and resolve of His Holiness Dr. Athavale. Out here the influence of the spiritual dimension is palpable in all one’s activities as the seeker residents of the ashram live and breathe spiritual practice. Seekers are constantly reminded and trained to hone their sixth sense through spiritual practice. Being part of the entire process and experiencing it all first hand, adds another dimension to the writing of the articles.

We have immensely enjoyed this journey of presenting the divine knowledge to all our readers. We hope and pray that our readers also enjoy and benefit from this treasure of knowledge in their spiritual journey.

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