What is the Real Battle Between Light Side and Dark Side of the Force?

Note: for those who are not Star Wars fans, while we do make parallels to Star Wars, this blog is about the fight between positive and negative forces in general and can be understood by anyone even if they didn’t watch the Star Wars movies. 1. Introduction – the mesmerising battle of Light and Darkness Good versus evil, good guys […]

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Black Friday (27th November 2015) – A spiritual perspective

Black Friday is an event created in America in the early 2000’s that follows the day of Thanksgiving. On Black Friday, stores, retailers and even online companies drastically lower the prices of products for one night to increase sales. Typically at this time people are preparing for the holiday season, which includes fulfilling the wish list of their sons, daughters, grandsons and granddaughters. For […]

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Trick or treat?

    Some thoughts on what should really scare us about Halloween I have noticed an interesting phenomenon surrounding Halloween. 364.25 days a year, cobwebs are no good and eyesores. For some of us, they are downright scary (because where there’s a web, there’s a spider). Yet on October 31st, cobwebs are considered decoration and ‘cool’, as opposed to a sign […]

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